Tugs / Workboats

Through the chartering of our seagoing workboats proves Van Wijngaarden Marine Services to be an ideal partner for the dredging industry, the renewables industry, the transport sector and offshore companies (oil & gas). We own an extended fleet by which we respond to any request of the dredging industry, offshore sector and sea towage.

The engines of our sea-going double propelled workboats range from 730 HP to 3957 HP with consequently a bollard pull between 10 and 61,8 ton. The deck space varies from 30 m² on the smallest to 145 m² on the largest vessel. The sailing area, specified by IL&T  is specified from ‘30 nautical miles out of coast’ to ‘Unrestricted Navigation’.

Maritime assistance

Van Wijngaarden Marine Services works for dredging and offshore  companies worldwide. Our seaworthy workboats have the equipment to assist in a great range of tasks. For example: they may be equipped with hydraulic cranes, tow- and anchor handling winches, hydraulic tow pins, chain stoppers, stern rolls, moon pools and possibilities to install an A-frame. The moon pool on our workboats enables us to execute survey activities. For our clients we regularly plot and chart the seabed in an accurate way. Van Wijngaarden Marine Services also provides anchor handling.

Van Wijngaarden Marine Services offers her workboats also for ‘ploughing’ (seabed levelling) or optional dredging by means of ‘water injection’. Our ships are also able to assist in salvage projects. Please inform about the possibilities we may offer.

Van Wijngaarden Marine Services cares for adequate supplying of ships and projects. You can count on well-timed and correct delivery.

We transport:

  • spare parts;
  • fuels;
  • provisions;
  • drinking water;
  • consumer goods.

Needless to say, we also care for the transport of residual and superfluous materials and goods.

Passenger transport belongs to the possibilities as well. That will be in good hands with us, by using the special ‘crew cabin’.


Van Wijngaarden Marine Services executes transport over water. For our clients we translocate the most diverse objects, goods and materials like:

  • floating objects like pontoons, barges, suction dredgers, jack-ups, hulls, etc.;
  • construction materials for marine  projects and wind-farms;
  • raw materials;
  • cables;
  • pipelines;
  • etc.

Our vessels are operated by competent and skilled teams, supported by experts in the head office. Therefor we offer to marine and offshore companies professional, efficient and effective service.

Van Wijngaarden Marine Services uses her seagoing workboats for:

  • towage;
  • transport;
  • survey activities;
  • ploughing (seabed levelling);
  • anchor handling;
  • passenger transport.

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