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Project Moerdijk (NL)

This image shows motor tug VLIESTROOM in a new colour scheme. The ship provides assistance to cutter suction dredger ‘Otter’. Both ships are working on the construction of the first Port at Moerdijk.

At a press conference of the Moerdijk Industrial Board – which occurred in the town hall of Klundert (note) – the Port of Rotterdam authority stated that the intention was to kick off the construction for the Moerdijk industrial area in 1977. The site (2000 ha) had to be prepared for construction by the middle of the following year. Ir. Meyer illustrated the significance of this new industrial estate with comparative figures about the Rotterdam port- and industrial developments along the Waterweg. During the last ten years, 1820 hectares had been released. The Vliestroom’s operations (among other things) included relocation of the anchors, positioning the floating pipeline and the transport of staff and materials from shore to the suction dredger and vice versa.

Source: Leeuwarder Courant

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