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Project Biesbosch (NL)

The VLIESTROOM of Van Wijngaarden Marine Services was deployed for the construction of the Spaarbekkens in the Biesbosch (Brabant). The aim of this project was to improve the drinking water supply.

Around 1960 the quality of the drinking water extracted from the Rijn became increasingly poor, due to the growing industry. Meanwhile, the population of Rotterdam was rapidly increasing. Plans were made to organize the drinking water supply of Rotterdam in a different way: including Maaswater in (to be constructed) drinking water basins in the Biesbosch. The construction of three drinking water reservoirs in the Biesbosch started in 1970. Since the sacrificed agricultural land was not economically profitable, this caused mere to no protest. The basins were named after three out of the six agricultural polders: Petrusplaat (219 ha), Honderd en Dertig (150 ha) and Gijster (324 ha). At the end of 1973 the drinking water reservoirs became operational and were officially opened by prins Claus on August 13, 1974. 

Source: Wikipedia

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