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Delivery of new construction

The name of the DINTELSTROOM is based on a lower course of the ‘Mark’ river in the province of North Brabant called the ‘Dintel’. The river flows along the village of Dinteloord, where it ends via the ‘Volkerak’ in the ‘Oosterschelde’.

On Wednesday May 19, 1982, Van Wijngaarden Marine Services puts its new build twin screw tug, the Dintelstroom, into use. The Hardinxveld company is engaged in renting out auxiliary vessels for the marine contracting industry. At that time Van Wijngaarden Marine Services owns a series of ‘all-round’ vessels, of which the Dintelstroom is their latest addition. The Dintelstroom will be used for the Oosterscheldewerken and is also suitable for passenger transport. The ship is equipped with a special ‘crew-cabin’, which enables up to 38 people to depart off the deck within 30 minutes, after which the vessel can operate as a basic tug-/work boat for other purposes.

Image: May 19, 1982

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