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V.M.T. 900 '83

The SCHELDESTROOM owes its name to the ‘Schelde’, a 350 kilometer long river that originates in the French municipality of Gouy in the north of France. The Schelde flows via Belgium through the southwest of the Netherlands into the North Sea.

The relationship between van Mill shipyard and Van Wijngaarden Marine Services appears to be working exceptionally well. Van Mill regularly built vessels for their own. Of these, Van Wijngaarden Marine Services receives a number of vessels in so-called ‘fulltime management’, such as the ‘V.M.T. 82’, the ‘V.M.T. 83’ and the ‘V.M.T. 900’. The first project for the V.M.T. 900 was a landing of pipelines from the sea for the NAM gas treating station in March, 1983, near Callantsoog. As a result, the ship regularly called at the port of Den Helder. When the project came to its end in July ’83, Van Wijngaarden Marine Services purchased the ship and renamed it Scheldestroom/Bno. 129.

Image by Gertjan …. as a passenger of the Hr. Ms. Buyskes in Den Helder

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