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The GEULSTROOM owes its name to the ‘Geul’ river. This small river – it is only 58 kilometers long – originates from several sources in Belgium near the German border and enters the Netherlands near Cottessen. Just above Itteren, the Geul flows into the ‘Maas’.

‘An elephant can move mountains, but that does not mean it is more important than an ant’. This statement illustrates that a company is able to see perspective in the small, depending on what the client or project is looking for. With that in mind, the ‘Joco III’ moved from Tiel to Hardinxveld where it continued as the GEULSTROOM at Van Wijngaarden Marine Services. This boat was generally deployed as a ‘Bareboat Charter’ in various projects in the United Kingdom, Belgium, France and Germany. This way, Van Wijngaarden Marine Services chartered the Geulstroom, without crew or specific equipment.

Image: Purchase punt boat Geulstroom

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