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The MAASSTROOM owes its name to the ‘Maas’, a 950 kilometer long river. This river originates in France and then flows through Belgium and the Netherlands. For the Netherlands, the Maas is the southernmost of all its major rivers. The Maas flows into the North Sea via the Dutch river delta.

The site of the IJVC shipyard in Bolnes – situated in the shadow of the Van Brienenoordbrug on the Nieuwe Maas – was the ‘home base’ of pilot tender the MAASSTROOM. This ship transported pilots to ships; mainly low-profile coasters that went to Germany. Van Wijngaarden Marine Services was hired by the Loodswezen directly after the privatization and thus became the first subcontractor. The home base previously served as ‘crew-cabin’ at the Oosterscheldewerken. During the renovation, 55 chairs were removed and room was made for a seating area, a kitchenette, a bedroom, sanitary facilities and communication tools in order to be in contact with the ‘Marconiplein’ 24/7. The Maasstroom crew consisted of two people. They were required to safely sail and execute the necessary primary maintenance on the tender and home base. Approximately 2000-2500 departures were made from Bolnes every year.

Image: The Maasstroom in action for project Bolnes (NL)

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