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The WADDENSTROOM owes its name to the ‘Waddenzee’; the strech of sea between the Wadden Islands and the North Sea. The sea is 500 kilometers long and on average 20 kilometers wide and extends from Den Helder, the Netherlands to Esbjerg, Denmark. The Waddenzee includes tidal areas (mudflats and sandbanks), islands, salt marshes and summer polders and fairways.

Harlingen was the home base of pilot tender WADDENSTROOM. Since January 1, 1990, Van Wijngaarden Marine Services also started working here for the Loodswezen. However, instead of a 24/7 implementation, they were available on demand. The core task consisted of supplying pilots to the mother ship ‘Zeekoet’, which was based offshore. The crew of the Waddenstroom consisted of two people, who were required to safely sail and execute the necessary primary maintenance on the tender. Approximately 120 depatures were made from Harlingen every year.

Image: Waddenstroom during project Harlingen (NL)

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