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Project Conwy Tunnel (UK)

The ‘Conwy Tunnel’ is part of the A55 in Wales, the United Kingdom. The tunnel consists of 2x2 lanes and runs below the Conwy river near the town of Conwy. In September 1986, it was decided to build an immersed tunnel at a cost of £102 million. This was unique at the time, as this was the first immersed tunnel in the UK. A total of six tunnel elements of 116 meters were sunk. The tunnel was officially opened by Queen Elisabeth on October 25, 1991. Source: Wikipedia.

On Monday September 25, 1989, the DINTELSTROOM, with 437 nautical miles ahead, sets sail from Eastney (UK) to Conwy (UK). The weather is not bad, yet the news reports: swinging and pitching ship, with occasional water on deck. After a succesful journey, the ship arrives at its destination. After working on the Project Conwy Tunnel for over a year, on Thursday December 13, 1990, the journey home to Rotterdam begins. The GEULSTROOM completed its journey and return differently: as a deck cargo on board of a work pontoon, which was also used for the sinking of the tunnel elements.

Image: Dintelstroom and Geulstroom in the UK


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