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Project Marbella (Spain)

During the period of 1981-1991, the Van Wijngaarden Marine Services fleet was expanded with seven vessels, of which only two were ultimately sold. Although not all of the vessels were brand new, adding one new ship to its fleet annually is telling about the ‘acceleration’ of the shipping company. 

Excitement at Project Marbella in Spain! The GIESSENSTROOM very carefully maneuvers past the suction dredger ‘Volvox Delta’. The sea is rough and the tugboat is pounding heavily. The intention is that the mouth at the front of the floating pipe is fished out of the sea and is connected to the suction dredger, for the reclamation of the beach to resume. A large winch on the bow of the dredger malfunctions for a moment, which forces the GIESSENSTROOM to divert. A second attempt provides the desired result and slowly – approximately 6,000 cubic meters at a time – the floating pipe is brought aboard the suction dredger. This is how for instance the beaches of Marbella were supplied with sand extracted from Malaga. The beaches of – amongst others – San Pedro de Alcantara, La Carihuela and Algarrobo have also been provided with new sand, bringing the coastline back to the desired level.

Image: The Giessenstroom in Spain


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