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The RIJNSTROOM owes its name to one of the longest rivers of Europe; the ‘Rijn’. The Rijn is 1,232 kilometers long, of which 695 kilometers passes through Germany, 376 kilometers through Switzerland and 161 kilometers through the Netherlands. The river enters the Netherlands near Lobith. The Rijn later separates in the ‘Nederrijn, ‘IJssel’ and the ‘Waal’. 

On the first day of his visit to the Netherlands, President Herzog of Germay turned out to be a real gentleman. During the diner, he lavishly complimented Queen Beatrix: ‘Your prestige extends far beyond the Dutch borders’.1 These words could easily also apply to Van Wijngaarden Marine Services, since their name and fame equally does not end at our national border. On the same day as the official visit, there was a party at the Havenstraat in Hardinxvel, where Lianne Boerman – Van Wijngaarden was allowed to christen the newest vessel the RIJNSTROOM. Source1: Algemeen Dagblad, October 18, 1995.

Image: Delivery of new construction Rijnstroom

1992 Rijnstroom

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