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The EEMSTROOM was the first product of Scheepswerf Damen that would become part of the ‘fleet’ of Van Wijngaarden Marine Services. This motorboat was named after the ‘Eem’, a river that flows north of the province of Utrecht. This river originates in the ‘cobblestone city’ Amersfoort and flows into the Eemmeer after approximately eightteen kilometers.

The Eemstroom (built as ‘Annemiek’) was purchased from trade. A simple and thought out product from the early 1970s / Bno. 433. An adjustment from the technical service – due to a tender request – contributed to creating a demountable wheelhouse top. This significantly lowered the height above water line and enabled road transport of the workboat. This also makes the Eemstroom deployable for jobs that require passing low bridges. In 2024, the Eemstroom is still fully operational.

Image: Stage construction for the Lingeconcert in Gorkum

1994 Eemstroom

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