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The GOUWESTROOM owes its name to the ‘Gouwe’, a fifteen kilometer long canalized river in the province of Zuid-Holland. This river runs between the ‘Oude Rijn’ and the ‘Hollandse IJssel’ – from Alphen aan de Rijn to Gouda – and additionally functions as a reservoir for the Rijnland.

On Friday, March 6, 1998, Van Wijngaarden Marine Services was celebrating, partly because of the commissioning of the multipurpose tug Gouwestroom. This time it was the turn of daughter Viola van Wijngaarden to christening the new vessel. She deftly broke the champagne bottle against the buoy. This tugboat therefore became the largest in Van Wijngaarden Marine Services at the time. Unlike previous tugs, which had a maximum sailing area restriction of 30 nautical miles calculated from the coastline, the restriction of the Gouwestroom was 200 nautical miles. This sealed a distinct step forward for Van Wijngaarden Marine Services in both mobilization/demobilization and transport work. In April of that same year, the Gouwestroom fulfilled its first charter in Lithuania, located on the Baltic Sea.

1998 Gouwestroom   nieuwsbericht

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